Token Sale Restructure

A Change in Approach to Our Token Sale

Our alpha launch has been successful and it’s time to turn our attention to our token sale. The team has restructured how DST tokens will be sold to ensure that Dimensions Network gets the funding it needs to launch as quickly and effectively as possible.

It is a turbulent time in the crypto market - peaks and troughs in the market - Ethereum and Ripple battling for that second spot... And as you may know, many projects are simply struggling to get the funds that they need in these tough conditions. The Dimensions team is determined not to let this stop us from achieving our goals.


To face this challenge and give Dimensions Network the very best start, we have introduced a new token sale structure that will allow the project to raise funds along the roadmap. After some in depth consulting and discussions with our key advisors, the Dimensions Network team has decided to adopt a fresh approach. The three-stage strategy will see a Seed Sale, Primary Sale and Final Sale rolled out parallel to the development roadmap.

Here is a break down of the new token sale structure…

Seed Sale

Seed Sale

Primary Sale

Primary Sale

Final Sale

Final Sale

Stage 1 – Seed Sale (2,000ETH hardcap)
Stage 2 – Primary Sale (8,000ETH hardcap)
Stage 3 – Final Sale (20,000ETH hardcap)
Total – 30,000ETH hardcap

The Seed Sale will commence on the 29th of September 2018. This sale will carry a 50% bonus, and the hardcap includes everything that has been raised during our presales. Everyone who has participated in our previous sales will continue to get the previous bonus. You can expect your tokens to be in your wallets a couple of weeks after completion of the Seed Sale.

Stage 2 – 8,000ETH hardcap

The Primary Sale will take place two months after completion of the Seed Sale and will help to expand the features on our next-generation exchange. DST trading will be available three weeks after this sale.

Stage 3 – 20,000ETH hardcap

The Final Sale will take place at a later stage, and the date will be announced nearer the time. The funds raised in this sale will help to build our global presence and promote the innovative features that will help Dimensions Network stand out in the market.


We want to thank you for your continued support. The progress we have made recently has been driven by the community, and we are excited about the developments that we are going to share with you over the coming weeks.

Highlight the 29th of September in your diaries – there is less than one day to get everything ready and earn a 50% DST token bonus. We are not aiming to be just another exchange, the Dimensions Network team is laser-focussed on becoming the go-to exchange for traders and investors of all levels that are looking to trade smarter and safer. We are waiting on Reddit and Telegram for any questions that you may have…

Token Sale Restructure
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