The Referral Program is Live!

The team is excited to announce that the referral program has just launched. This is your opportunity pick up some extra DST and help the Dimensions Network community grow even stronger.

The next few weeks are shaping up to be very exciting for Dimensions Network. The core team is ticking off new milestones on the roadmap by the week, the marketing campaign is gaining momentum, and word about our public sale is spreading around. And, in a matter of months, the exchange will be launched and DST token holders will start seeing rewards sent to their wallets.

The Dimensions Network referral program is a fantastic opportunity for the avid community to help bring the project to the forefront of investors’ minds – and earn a very tidy bonus.

How does it work?

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler. Visit the referral program page and enter your details – that’s your email address, the ETH address you used to contribute with, and your unique referral tag. Now you’re ready to start spreading the word about Dimensions Network by sharing the link and your tag. Just sit back and watch those extra DST tokens rack up.

What are the rewards?

Great – you’ve signed up and shared your unique referral tag. For everyone that contributes using your referral tag, you’ll get an extra 5% DST tokens based on their contribution. So, if your referral contributes 10 ETH in the public sale, you will receive 5% of this in DST, so 2,400 extra DST. Not bad at all.

How do I promote my tag?

However you want! Get creative – tell friends and family, share it with your business contacts, and get it in front of other crypto investors. A few seconds of their time could see you earn some serious tokens.

Okay. How will it help the exchange?

Aside from helping to spread the word about Dimensions Network, your referrals will help hit the hard cap and build the next-generation exchange. More funds will mean that Dimensions can hire the right talent, build the right products, and promote the exchange in just the right way. Of course, Dimensions Network is creating the exchange even if the hard cap isn’t hit – but, it will be done much quicker with your help.

Ready to grow together?

The public sale will be launching on the 12th of August – create a unique referral tag today and help Dimensions Network to kick-start the project

The Referral Program is Live!
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