The crypto ad ban: a blessing in disguise?

Some of the web’s biggest names, like Google and Facebook, have rushed to stamp out cryptocurrency and ICO advertising. Dimensions Network believes that the move could actually be beneficial for those projects looking to really make their mark.

Spend a bit of time in any cryptocurrency community and you’ll hear phrases like, “a month in crypto is like five years IRL” – and with the way this last year has played out, it’s certainly been an eventful few crypto years. That huge bull run and those turbulent price swings firmly put cryptocurrency in the spotlight – and naturally, plenty of new investors have come flocking looking to profit.


There’s no doubt about it: 99% of the world had never heard about Bitcoin before 2017. But up until recently, you couldn’t use Google without seeing ads for the latest ICO or “revolutionary” project. And to that new wave of investors – many of whom hadn’t even fully grasped the concept of blockchain – those ads looked like instant cash. And, as those green candles kept creeping upwards towards the end of the year, this trend only grew.


Cryptocurrency is an exciting world to be a part of, but it’s also currently a little bit like the Wild West. Government regulations are minimal, and often, teams have very little credentials to back them up. We’ve seen many groups of scammers pose as an innovative new ICO, only to quickly disappear with wallets full of fresh cryptocurrency. Pincoin is a classic example of an ‘exit scam’ – the Vietnamese ‘project’ and its team vanished after raising nearly $660 million. Over 32,000 investors lost their hard-earned money – so, there’s obviously a huge risk to investing – and banning crypto ads was the only logical step right now.


This clean-up of scammy advertising campaigns gives real projects more room to sell themselves. Dimensions Network has all of the qualities – from our clear vision, to our almost-ready platform – to truly change the way that investors trade cryptocurrency. And, like many other fantastic projects currently looking to make their mark, the backing from our community, industry experts and reviewers speaks louder than any banner ad offering an outrageous ROI. You’ll find daily and open discussions about Dimensions Network taking place on our constantly-growing Reddit and Telegram channels – the team (and some of our passionate followers) are always happy to chat.


Our marketing campaign is now fully operational – and yes, we’re using banners – but every piece of collateral only promotes Dimensions Network with honesty. We’re creating a trading platform that will bring unique features, including advanced derivatives and an exchange aggregator, to the growing market. There’s also the opportunity to earn a very fair share of 15% of our trading fees, too.

Keep an eye out for the latest Dimensions Network developments. And don’t forget to check in regularly on our Telegram channel during our token sale – you’ll discover plenty of reasons to join our next-generation trading platform…

The crypto ad ban: a blessing in disguise?
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