Three successful crypto enthusiasts – a project manager for a global company, a leading exchange technologist, and an accomplished entrepreneur – are driving the next-generation hybrid exchange.

It isn’t often that you’ll find a founding team with such a perfectly balanced skillset for their vision. Since early 2017, Stephen Mullens, Manu Datta and Rin Chwe Me have been working tirelessly to build an exchange that makes entering the cryptocurrency world simpler for even more people.

What started as a quick coffee catch up between the three, turned to a conversation about the inspiring world of cryptocurrency investment, and then the frustrations of entering into crypto, exchanging, and participating in new ICO opportunities. From this, the idea for Dimensions Network was born – an exchange that’s scalable, that offers advanced derivatives, and that can find and offer the very best prices on the market through an exchange aggregator.

Here’s a little bit more about the Dimensions Network founding team…

Stephen Mullens – CEO

After graduating university with First Class honours in Physics, Stephen was recruited by Schlumberger as a Field Engineer – quickly being promoted to Operations Management in recognition of his outstanding technical and people-management skills. Since travelling the world with Schlumberger, he’s become known as an expert on corporate governance, project management, risk management, research methodology and remote operations.

Trading has always been close to Stephen’s heart – and he’s been doing so on the regular markets for over ten years. And, over that time, has gained qualifications in a number of advanced derivative and trading courses; whilst taking the time to research and learn numerous programming languages, including C, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python and more.

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Manu Dattu – CTO

Manu has got an impressive CV that includes key roles in a number of top banking firms. As a promising Math student from India, he was granted a scholarship to study Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU) in the US.

After graduating, he started his career as a Java Developer for Morgan Stanley, which ultimately led him to overseeing entire banking systems and exchanges for other high-profile names, like Standard Charter, Barclays, CLSA and more. Naturally, his knowledge of programming has grown with his experience – and he’s now an expert in a multitude of low- and high-level languages.

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Rin Chwe Me – Head of Operations

Rin is a natural entrepreneur with a passion for business. Her career was born from humble beginnings in Myanmar; after starting a successful fashion boutique whilst still in high school. She sold the business when she turned 15, became financially independent, and fully funded herself through university.

Since graduating, Rin has created profitable startups in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. Some of her most notable projects have included Snovits and Emperor Penguin. Through this, she’s become avidly interested in technology and cryptocurrency – which has led her to complete a number of Computer Science courses, including Harvard CS50 and MIT Introduction to Computer Science.

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