The Alpha is here!

Dimensions Network will be one of the few projects with a working product at such an early stage of the development timeline. Our Alpha is here – now we look ahead to the public release of our full MVP platform and the next steps in our roadmap.


A quick sift through CoinMarketCap and you’ll find hundreds of tokens and coins – the majority of which touting some break-through idea that is years from realisation, let alone an MVP release, whether it’s sharing green energy or getting rid of banks.

When the Dimensions Network token or DST hits the market, the project will have already begun to take shape. Our Alpha platform and MVP will give our community and future users a glimpse of the potential of this unique trading platform.


Alpha launches are incredibly important for any project. It is at this stage where our team will be analysing the structure of the platform and making sure that the basic features run smoothly – using this experience to iron out any bugs that might surface, and find new and more efficient ways of doing things.

However, this won’t be your classic internal Alpha testing procedure, as we’re going to have a little extra help…

As stated in the recent email newsletter the Alpha will be available between 12th September and 19th September, 2018 and is your first look at our multi-featured hybrid trading platform. The key modules available in this Alpha include:

  • Login and account infrastructure
  • Database clusters
  • Trading engine
  • Account APIs and whitelisting


It’s a busy time for everyone here at Dimensions, and the token sale is fast approaching.

We have been working day and night to build the exchange. So far, we’ve made impressive progress and we are on the right track to achieve our development goals. We are giving our community the chance to test out the basic features that we’ve built into the Alpha – while our most advanced features are still in the process of being created and integrated - a great and important milestone for the project.


There is plenty more on the horizon to get excited about for our current and would-be token sale participants. While we are busy steaming ahead with the exchange, we will be continually ticking off milestones on our roadmap. Our next immediate focus will be on the finalisation of the testing of our KYC/AML process before sending out invitations, and further updates to our Alpha and MVP.

A number of features have not been enabled in this release, and these will be added as and when the front end components are ready and tested. As we push ahead towards a full public MVP, there will be vigorous testing on various blockchain test networks – and we will invite selected members from our waitlist to try it out. In case you have not already signed up, you can join our waitlist.

The Alpha is live – and you can try it right here.

And don’t forget to get involved with our token sale on the 29th of September!

The Alpha is here!
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