The team attended the World Blockchain Conference and the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore last week. It was a great opportunity to network and build connections with other great projects.


There’s nothing quite like being in a room full of some of the industry’s brightest minds when you’re driving a project like Dimensions Network. Over the four days, we had the chance to gain real insight into the world of institutional investing, experience some amazing new Blockchain projects, and rub shoulders with other passionate CEOs, CTOs and developers.


One of the highlights was a stimulating discussion about the incorporation of cryptocurrency trading into the existing trading systems of banks, hedge funds and institutional investors. These institutions are not interested in flashy websites, mobile trading applications and REST APIs; instead they want to plug directly into a cryptocurrency exchange and trade using their existing in-house trading systems. Institutions also want access to high quality historical data feeds where they can back-test their trading strategies before jumping into the market.

Our FIX API solves this problem and is exactly what they need to plug into our exchange. The development of a flexible and extensive historical data feed is something the team will prioritise over the next development phase, to ensure that we are providing all the tools to bring institutions onboard. It’s more apparent than ever that the addition of these tools to our hybrid exchange will make the trading platform even more attractive to big investors looking to trade in cryptocurrency.

Aside from getting institutional entities involved in cryptocurrency trading and investment, there were a number of projects and discussions focused on the gaming market. One of the main topics was the decentralized trading of in-game items, and using blockchain to avoid the large fees imposed on game developers by publishers. It’s obvious that the market for in-game item trading is growing – and it got us thinking about a specific gaming token section for our exchange. The financial value of each game related trade may be small, but we foresee huge volumes in the future, which will be great for raising our profile further.


We met with a number of interesting project teams at the conference, and a couple of which may be good long term partners for Dimensions. For example:

A USD stable coin that accepts FIAT deposits and withdrawals. They are based in both Singapore and China, and are already listed on a number of exchanges. One thing that stood out was that they are privately funded and didn’t have any kind of token sale.

We are actively looking for stable coins to list on our exchange, and it would be great to hear the thoughts of our community about this project!

Remme is a company that is looking to eliminate passwords and replace them with cryptographic keys that can be verified against a Blockchain. Their approach has a clear benefit over passwords, in that the keys cannot be brute forced and when your data is leaked by a major corporation, there won’t be a password to lose. However in our opinion the security model is very weak unless married with device encryption, strong device access credentials, antivirus software, and ingrained user behaviour.

Put simply, if you leave your device unlocked, or it is lost / stolen. Someone might simply be able to use your key to access all of your accounts.

However we feel there is a place for a key based solution like this. Tired of entering your username, password and 2FA TOTP code just to check your crypto balances? Perhaps one-click read-only access to your account using your Remme key would be good. Looking to trade? Then for better security you will need to enter your login information as usual.

ACO Platform
Finally, we had the chance to sit down with the CEO of ACO. This is a growing ICO rating platform with a strong focus on institutional investors. Projects are researched, vetted and audited in line with the expectations of their institutional investment partners.

Following the lead of a professional rating platform, this can provide us with a good shortlist of potential projects to list on our hybrid exchange.


Conferences like these are a great way to see what other projects are doing, and learn more about the cryptocurrency industry – but, we also took the time to talk about our own project. There were plenty of opportunities to meet the teams of new exciting projects and discuss how we could collaborate. We also met with a number investor groups and discussed our roadmap and plans for the future.


Got any comments about the projects we have discussed here? Or, perhaps want to know more about our experience? Drop us a message on Reddit or Telegram – we’d love to hear your thoughts and welcome any feedback from our community.


World Blockchain Conference, Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore, 17-18 July 2018


World Blockchain Conference, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 19-20 July 2018