UI development has been really stepped up a gear in recent months. Now, it's your chance to explore our progress - right before the alpha launch.


There's no point in having a vision and creating a unique product like Dimensions Network if no one can use it, right?

Well, the team have been working tirelessly to craft a completely seamless experience. Very soon, traders will find everything they need to trade fast and effectively, all just a few simple clicks away.


The key stages of our UI development are:

  1. Testing UI
  2. Alpha UI (Basic Trading)
  3. MVP (Extensive Coin Pair Trading)
  4. Full Release (Derivatives)

With the majority of the back-end development work completed, we are now finalising stage 2 of our trading UI.

The interface has night and day views, and supports all basic functionality.

Day View Night View

The interface scales automatically for tablet and mobiles.

Mobile Mobile

We will be releasing a separate mobile app, but this will only be released in UI development stage 3.