Our Advanced Derivatives will be a huge draw for traders. We’re now working on a selection of quizzes to make sure they’re used safely by our users.


It’s fair to say we are not creating a carbon copy of any other exchange! We’ll be the first platform on the market to offer a choice of Advanced Derivatives, and given how both popular and controversial BTC Futures have been, we will definitely make some waves.


Every investor knows a thing or two about risk.

But, what’s important to us, is creating an exchange where trading is of the absolute highest standard. And, a part of that is not letting new investors dabble in features they don’t understand – because, that’s a one-way street to ruin.

We are taking a proactive approach to educate and protect our users. What's more we will stay one step ahead of regulation. In the regulated financial markets, trading platforms can be required to perform "appropriateness tests" on retail investors based on the complexity of the instruments they offer (MiFID II). For example, your local broker will happily let you buy a share of Amazon, but buying Options on Amazon stock may be considered complex, requiring appropriateness tests to be completed first.

Take a look at the following document for a summary of the MiFID II. Appropriateness tests are only a small part of this regulation.

It is just a matter of time before significant regulation reaches the cryptocurrency sector, and when it does, we will be ready.


Our quizzes will show us that our users have the knowledge to trade safely. It’s that simple.

We have already written over 400 questions, and plan to have an initial bank of 500 questions ready and waiting to be served up. Want to trade Options Contracts? Take the Options quiz and you are good to go! Want to learn more, then check out our knowledgebase.

Initially we will have a quiz on each of the following topics:

• General Trading
• Options Contracts
• Futures Contracts
• Margin
• Shorting


We’re building a separate support website where our users will be able to take a series of quizzes and gain trading certifications. We’re optimising it so that it’s not only simple to use, but fully integrated into the rest of our platform for a seamless experience. Just a few simple clicks, and you could be on your way to putting all of our unique features to good use.

Like what you hear? Great, now it’s time to see a little bit of our work. We’ve added some screenshots below to show you the alpha stage of development. There is still much to do, but the foundation is in place.


Quiz Selection (Alpha Rev02)


Take Quiz (Alpha Rev02)


Mark Quiz (Alpha Rev02)