With the end of the year in sight, the team has been focusing their efforts to complete the MVP platform by the end of the year. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve been working on throughout November.


The first revision of our new Angular 7 UI is complete and will shortly be pushed onto the public Alpha server. We took the time to rebuild our UI from scratch to improve performance, modularity and maintainability. Improved modularity will enable additional features to be added without impacting the core exchange, and therefore maintaining rock solid security.


The auto trading bot was successfully integrated into the Alpha Platform. A number of authentication modules and API issues were identified during the integration process and a series of fixes were put in place. There are a small number of outstanding issues which still need to be resolved before the rate of bot trading can be exponentially increased. Once ready, we will spawn multiple trading bots to trade against each other, and use this to load test the platform in a "live" production environment. This bot is for TESTNET purposes only, and not for use with live cryptocurrency.


To improve database performance and scalability we have made some enhancements to the database layer. Our updates relate to sharding the database on the orderbook level, so that each trading pair can theoretically be placed on a separate physical server, and hence allow for a near unlimited number of trading pairs. For further information about the database architecture we are using, please check out the following Wikipedia summary.


Background: Multi-user accounts are a critical requirement to onboard institutional funds, and private trading groups. We have been improving the capabilities and access levels on our multi-user accounts which allow teams of traders to work together in a safe and secure fashion.

Status: The backend work for the multi-user accounts is complete and we are currently mocking up the front end for it. We hope to make this live in our public alpha before the end of the year.


We are currently in the process of integrating our Deposits and Withdrawals module into our Alpha platform. As part of this process we are porting some Python code to Erlang, to enable a more seamless integration.


The dev team are continuing the development and testing of new features, and you will see these in the Alpha platform as each is ready for addition. Check back from time to time and see our progress.

Thank you for your continued support!