Dimensions Network is on the verge of publishing its alpha platform. Modules are being finalised and integrated into it – today, we look at the latest addition of a FIX API


Hi, Manu here. I’ll keep my update short – as I’ve got plenty to do for our alpha launch!

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) is the de-facto protocol to exchange financial information, and is used by all big and small investment banks, institutional investors and hedge funds.

It’s addition to our exchange means that large investors can now easily connect with Dimensions Network and trade in any volume, as they choose. Not only that, but there’s only a handful of crypto exchanges currently offering this feature – so this rare offering will be a massive boost to our crypto trading platform.


  • An international, well-defined standard
  • Implemented in almost all financial institutions
  • Connection-oriented protocol, with a small message footprint
  • Great community and business support


All of our hard work is really paying off – we’ve successfully completed our in-house FIX engine ahead of schedule. The FIX is written in Erlang and directly integrates into the existing exchange platform. The use of the Erlang code base allows the FIX to take advantage of the fault-tolerance and reliability baked into the programming language. Simply plug into the Dimensions Network FIX API, and any compatible platform will be able to receive price data, submit trades, send and modify orders, and receive confirmations.


Moreover, the core design is based on a well-tested Finite State Machine implementation of the FIX, and utilises the distributed Amnesia database for exceptional performance