CEX / DEX – why choose just one?

The crypto world seems obsessed with going either decentralised or centralised; but Dimensions Network has chosen to be both, and enjoy all the brilliant trading benefits that come with it.

Decentralisation is a big word in the cryptocurrency realm for obvious reasons. It’s why we’re all here, after all. For your average use-case, say, providing the world with a currency that’s free from the constraints of big bank governance, that’s a really big deal. But, when you’re creating an exchange, the team believes there’s a time and place for both routes.

Let’s have a little look at why our hybrid approach to decentralisation and centralisation will make Dimensions Network a safer, smarter and more financially sound option for investors and traders alike…


Fiat is a big deal when it comes to exchanges. Being able to move money from your bank and then start exchanging it for cryptocurrency is what makes centralisation so popular (think: Coinbase). However, take away fiat – as is the case with a solely decentralised exchange – and you’ve got a real barrier for new money to enter the market.


The market is moving at an incredible pace – blink and you could miss catching that next rise or fall in your latest investment. Luckily, with centralisation speed isn’t a problem. Transfers – whether it’s coins from wallet to wallet, or fiat from bank to exchange – are moved quickly and efficiently. Meaning you’re free to make the best decision possible with your money.


Decentralised exchanges can be a real hassle to trade through. It isn’t just the case of clicking a few buttons and you’re done – such is the case with a DEX – instead, each transaction takes multiple steps to complete. Not great if you want to become a trading superstar. However, with a CEX, everything’s easier – find the coin and the price, and hit the ‘trade button’. It’s that simple.


Now, this is a big one. With a DEX, all of the benefits of blockchain truly come to life. Decentralisation splits the control of your funds – what more needs to be said about that?

Sounds great, but what's the practical implication?

The exchange will feature two separate components available to traders, a CEX (Centralised Exchange) and a DEX (Decentralised Exchange). Depending on your trading needs, you will be able to choose how to trade. For example- a time sensitive trade requires speed and simplicity and you would want to go the centralised route. As for the DEX, you may want to have a DEX wallet for ultimate security as it's trustless and private. Of course you can also trade on the DEX for security reasons.

That’s all folks!

As you can see, both decentralisation and centralisation are both incredibly popular for some very important reasons. And it’s for that reason, that the team believes an exchange shouldn’t be limited by either approach. Embrace both, and new opportunities start to take shape.

So, Dimensions Network has decided to eschew cryptocurrency norms; build an exchange that offers benefits beyond what’s available today; and hopefully, make trading more enjoyable and profitable for the people who understand the power of cryptocurrency. Become a part of the next-generation exchange – join the token sale on the 12th August at 06:00 UTC.

CEX / DEX – why choose just one?
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