Dev Diary: January 2019

The team got a running start on developments in the new year. Check out what’s been going on in January as we pick up the pace on creating Dimensions Network.

Here is a round-up of what we’ve been up to…


We have successfully distributed all of the tokens from our seed sale. If you’re interested in knowing more about the process then take a look at our token distribution article. You’ll find out about the token address, trading and contract source code.

If you have not done so already, there is still plenty of time to participate in our KYC program for a reduced 2.5% DST bonus. The KYC bonus will be sent out monthly to anyone new that completes the process.


We have implemented a CICD process to streamline long-term development. This will simplify the development and deployment of each upcoming release of our UI.

Alongside this, we have automated a number of deployment processes which will allow our devs to push regular platform updates live with minimal extra work from our team.


We are auditing our existing security infrastructure against OWSAP best practices with a view to finalising the underlying structure of the exchange. This will be an extended process; as we have to review each and every section and make final design decisions. This time will be important – as it is always good to take a break from dev and review best practices with a fresh perspective.

Check the official website for more information about the web security project.

Migration to JWT: JSON Web Tokens

We’re enhancing our security model and adding further flexibility by implementing JWT into our authentication infrastructure. JWT will allow us to segregate our authentication process from the rest of the exchange; improving security and offering other exciting services through a single sign-on process.


Work continues as we integrate the Deposits and Withdrawals module into the Alpha platform.


We launched our Ropsten ETH Faucet a few weeks ago to give developers the chance to get access to free ETH. It’s been a great feature so far and we’ve already seen developers using it. Check out the Faucet Dev Diary for more information, or give it a go for yourself.


We’re still very much in a crypto winter, and because of that the Dimensions Network team is looking at improving our fixed and variable costs.

A number of projects shut down in January; with some established exchanges even closing their doors for good. To better protect the project from a prolonged bear market, we are reducing the costs associated with building and running the platform.

The core focus areas are as follows:

  • 3rd Party Services: hosting and email marketing / deliverability
  • Code Efficiency: minimising server resources needed for the exchange
  • Automation: reducing devops requirement
  • Personnel: contractors and staff

We are constantly assessing operations to be as lean as possible; and we’ll be looking at a number of other areas over the coming months.


We’re improving our platform day by day and there is plenty more exciting features coming. Once the core exchange is finished, then we will be able to add these features with minimal extra dev work. Keep checking back from time to time to see our progress.

Thanks for being a part of our community!

Dev Diary: January 2019
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